Welcome to, the online home of Van der Salm Farms, Inc DBA Our American Roots. Our American Roots is America's largest grower of hybrid lilium bulbs. We are also a grower of hostas, peonies, crocosmias, dahlias, and hemerocallis. As well as growing our own product, we import tulips, Dutch iris, and lilies from Holland.

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Anouk                                           Black Star                                              Mediterranee                                   Vuelta                 

Anouk    Black Star    Mediterranee    Vuelta

We are a wholesale plant company, incorporated in 1981.  We have a growing selection of bulbs and plants for the forcing, dry sale, and container/nursery industry.  We maintain strong bonds with our suppliers and customers to allow us to move with the market demands and maintain a knowledge base of how products perform for growers and end users.

El Divo                                Dimension                                        Indiana                                         Zambesi

El Divo    Dimension    Indiana    Zambesi

Please feel free to navigate through our site and learn more about the products we offer.  You can contact us with questions or suggestions at: